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Bill Complaint Process

Have a Complaint Concerning Your Natural Gas or Propane Bill?

If you are located inside the city limits, you must file your complaint with your city officials.

If you are located outside of the city limits, you may submit natural gas complaints concerning your gas bill via email to or 512-463-7164.

Procedures for Handling Complaints and Inquiries

The investigation of complaints or inquiries is conducted in the following manner:

  1. When a complaint or inquiry is received, the facts of the matter are determined and discussed with the consumer, the service provide and other appropriate parties.
  2. The facts are analyzed in conjunction with a review of applicable law and rules.
  3. A full explanation of the conclusions and results of the investigation are conveyed to the consumer and the service provider, along with any corrective action required to be taken. Corrective action is monitored to completion.
  4. Consumers living within the city limits are advised that the city has original jurisdiction within city limits. Every effort is made to refer the complainant to the appropriate representative at the city level. 
  5. Complaints involving imminent threats to public safety are referred to the Pipeline Safety Department for immediate action. 
  6. A service provider's failure to comply with the law and rules results in an initiation of the Commission’s legal enforcement process. 
  7. Written responses are prepared when the investigator feels that a written response is needed to clarify the matter in question or when Commission or Legislative Officials request a statement of facts in the matter.
  8. Telephonic communication is preferred in order to achieve a more rapid conclusion of the complaint or inquiry.
  9. All pertinent information concerning the complaint or inquiry is recorded in the Commission’s database. These records are maintained for a period of two years.