How to Search Gas Utility Dockets

PDF files of Closed Docket Files can be viewed online by clicking on the following link:

Under KEY FIELD SEARCH, to the right of Profile selected: use the drop down menu to select Gas Services Dockets

There are seven FIELD criteria that can be used to search for a desired file. Key in what you are looking for in the appropriate VALUE box.

If you know the docket number, key it in that field.  It must contain five digits.

For example      00001

To search by type of docket you can use the following codes:

You can search by city but in some cases you may not get all dockets.  An example would be if there was numerous cities that filed for an appeal the cities would not be listed for that docket.

If you do not know the complete name of an application you can key in part of the name in the value field “Centerpoint*” and all the dockets that begin with that name will appear.

Next to each Value box there is information in gray text that describes the requirements.

If you have any questions, please call 512-463-7167.