Reporting No Damage Non-Compliance Activities

The Railroad Commission of Texas adopted the Pipeline Damage Prevention Rules under Title 16 of the Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 18.  The rule, which became effective September 1, 2007, applies to pipeline operators and persons engaged in or preparing to engage in excavation activities in the vicinity of a pipeline.

  1. No Damage Non-Compliance Reporting Form 

    - This form can be completed by an Excavator or an Operator to report Non-Compliance of Chapter 18 where no damage has occurred.

  2. Excavator Second Notice Reporting Form 

    - Pursuant to Chapter 18.11 this form is to be completed by an excavator for any of the following:
    • no response by pipeline operator to excavator's locating request;
    • if an excavator makes an additional call to the notification center, because the excavator did not receive a positive response from the pipeline operator; or
    • if the operator does not respond to the second notice.