Oil & Gas Directory

Operator Contact Information

All operators engaged in activities regulated by the Railroad Commission's Oil & Gas Division are required to submit an Organization Report (Form P-5) each year

Over 60,000 entities have registered with the Commission since computerized records began. The large majority of those registrations are now inactive and are retained for historical purposes. Through 1999, the Commission published an annual hard-copy Oil & Gas Directory. That publication was discontinued in favor of readily accessible information made available through the Commission's website.

To search all of the P-5 registrations, access the Organization (P-5) Query among the research queries on our website. Information available in this query is updated nightly.

All P-5 records for entities that have Oil & Gas activity or an unexpired P-5 registration are provided in Excel format and as ASCII text. These downloadable files contain data as of June 10th, 2024.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact p5@rrc.texas.gov.