RRC Adopts New and Revised Gas Utility Forms

June 08, 2018

The Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) has adopted two new forms and two form revisions used by the Gas Services Department of the agency’s Oversight and Safety Division.

The new forms, Customer Notice of Interim Rate Adjustment and Public Notice of Proposed Statement of Intent to Increase Rates, provide gas utility filers an example of customer notices that comply with Texas statute and RRC rules, streamline the filing process, and will result in effective notice to customers.

The revisions to the Gas Utility Interim Rate Adjustment Application spreadsheet streamline the filing process for gas utility applicants. The proposed form is a fully executable Excel spreadsheet form that can be downloaded by applicants; replacing a non-interactive pdf form. 

The revisions to the Gas Utility Tax Report, used by gas utilities to report gas utility taxes, are minor and necessary to reflect industry accounting changes.

These new and revised forms are available for download on the RRC website