Rollout of Alternate RRC Online Home Page

September 15, 2015

As a part of the Railroad Commission of Texas’ IT Modernization Program, the agency deployed an alternate version of the RRC Online System homepage on Sunday, September 13, 2015. The alternate version changes how users log in and navigate to their applications (i.e. drilling permit applications, completion reports, production reports, pipeline safety forms, etc.). When logging into the RRC Online System, users can access, test and provide feedback on the alternate version for a period of time. Development of the alternate version was in response to the results of a survey of the approximately 15,000 RRC Online System users earlier this year. The goal is to have the alternate version become the new version of the RRC Online System.

A demonstration, to provide an overview of the changes to the RRC Online System homepage, was given by the Commission on September 1, 2015. To access the demonstration video and questions and answers document, visit the AdminMonitor websitemat

After users log into the existing RRC Online System, there is an option to test the alternate version features, navigate to filing applications and provide feedback. (See the picture below for an illustration of how users will navigate to the new RRC Online System once it is made available.)

A tool called the Beta Bar will be available via the new RRC Online System homepage to allow users to provide feedback on the alternate version. If you have questions or experience any difficulties, use the feedback mechanism in the Beta Bar to communicate the question and/or difficulty. You may RETURN to the “current/normal” RRC Online System homepage and continue your business activities at any time.

In order to access the Beta Bar, click on the Share your feedback link from the Beta Bar located at the top of the alternate RRC Online System homepage. (See illustration below.)

  1. Click on the Share your feedback link from the Beta Bar located at the top of the screen.

2015 Beta Railroad Commission of Texas website Bar

  1. The Beta Feedback Form page displays.


beta feedback


  1. Complete the How Can We Improve the New Operator Portal? section.
  2. Click the Send Message button.

If you have questions or need immediate assistance related to RRC Online System, use the list below to identify the appropriate Commission division or district office to contact.

For Help About




SAD Form
Creating Accounts

Account Administration


Drilling Permit Applications

Drilling Permits


PR Filing
PR Data

Production Reports


New Lease Built Query

New Lease Builds


RRC Website

RRC Website


H10 On-line Filing

H10 Filing System


Pipeline Safety Application

Pipeline Integrity Filing


Third Party Damage

Texas Damage Reporting Form


Filing Completions and Directional Surveys



Groundwater Determination Letter



SWR-13 Exception Application