New Gas Disposition Code Fields Added to Production Report for Pending Leases Data Set

September 09, 2021

Beginning in September 2021, the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) Production Reports for Pending Leases data set will feature four new fields. The addition of the new fields is in response to the recent revisions to the instructions to the Form PR, Monthly Production Report, and support the RRC’s regulation of flaring and venting of produced natural gas.

  • Gas disposition code 10 (flare) volume
  • Gas disposition code 10 remark
  • Gas disposition code 11 (vent) volume
  • Gas disposition code 11 remark

Please note: Any original or corrected production filed for August 2021 and prior months will still use the disposition code 4.

The data set is updated monthly and available for free download from the RRC website at: under “Production Data”.

The updated user guide for the data set is available on the RRC website at: