REMINDER: LP-Gas Safety Rules Effective September 1

August 31, 2020

Please be reminded that new and amended LP-Gas Safety rules, relating to propane regulation, adopted by the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) are effective on Tuesday, September 1. The rules were adopted by the RRC’s Commissioners on December 17, 2019.

The new and amended rules include:

  • Subchapter A to 16 TAC §9.35(a), relating to General Requirements;
  • Subchapter B to 16 TAC §§9.113, 9.116, 9.126, 9.129, 9.131, 9.135, 9.136, 9.137, 9.140, 9.141, 9.142 and 9.143, relating to LP-Gas Installation, Containers, Appurtenances and Equipment Requirements;
  • Subchapter C to 16 TAC §§9.206, relating to Vehicles;
  • Subchapter D to 16 TAC §9.301, 9.302, 9.303, 9.306, 9.307, 9.308, 9.311 and §9.313 relating to Adoption by Reference of NFPA 54 (National Fuel Gas Code); and
  • Subchapter E to 16 TAC §9.401 and §9.403 relating to Adoption by Reference of NFPA 58 (LP-Gas Code).

For more guidance on the new and amended rules, visit the RRC 's Alternative Fuels Regulations web page This webpage features links to the rules in PDF format and the official record available on the Texas Secretary of State website.

If you have any questions about LP-Gas Safety rules, email the RRC at