Commission Accepting Comments on Draft Oil and Gas Division Monitoring and Enforcement Plan

April 23, 2019

n 2017 the Texas Legislature (H.B. 1818, 85th Legislature, Regular Session, 2017) directed the Railroad Commission of Texas to develop an annual plan to assess the most effective use of its limited resources to ensure public safety and minimize damage to the environment. The Commission will never cease to strengthen its capabilities to track, measure, and analyze the effectiveness of its oil and gas monitoring and enforcement program.

The purpose of this plan is to define and communicate the Oil and Gas Division’s strategic priorities for its monitoring and enforcement efforts. The plan confirms many of the Division’s current priorities—to ensure public safety and protect the environment—as well as establishing direction for data collection, stakeholder input, and new priorities for fiscal year 2020.

House Bill 1818 directed the Commission to seek input from stakeholders in the development of this plan. We look forward to hearing from you as this planning process moves forward.

To view the draft plan, visit the Commission website.

To submit comments online by 5 p.m. on May 23, 2019, complete the survey at (N/A)

Alternatively, please send written comments to:

Oil and Gas Strategic Plan Comments/Oil and Gas Division

Railroad Commission of Texas

P.O. Box 12967

Austin, Texas 78711-2967

Comments received by mail after May 23, 2019 may not be incorporated into the fiscal year 2020 iteration of the plan but will be reviewed.