New Versions of Form T-4, Applications to Permits to Operate a Pipeline in Texas, and Form T-4B, Pipeline Transfer Certification, Adopted and Online

February 27, 2015

The Railroad Commission of Texas adopted new versions of the Form T-4, Application for Permit to Operate a Pipeline in Texas, and Form T-4B, Pipeline Transfer Certification, on February 24, 2015.  The new versions of the forms take effect March 1, 2015 and are available online in fillable PDF format. The requirement to file the Form T-4C, Pipeline and Gathering System Certification and Renewal, has been eliminated. The new Form T-4 adequately facilitates the renewal process. Guidance for the Natural Gas Operators/Economic Operators for filing the Form T-4 is also now available online.

Other Pipeline Safety forms now available online include an updated fillable PDF format version of the Form PS-8000A, Texas Pipeline Questionnaire, along with instructions and definitions. In addition, the Non-Utility Certificate is also available online.

All these Pipeline Safety forms and related materials are available for download from the Pipeline Safety Forms webpage under “Pipeline Permitting Forms” on the Railroad Commission of Texas website.

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