RRC Accepting Comments on Revisions to Form H-5

February 12, 2020

The Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) is accepting public comment on proposed revisions to Form H-5, Disposal/Injection Well Pressure Test Report.

The proposed amendment to Form H-5 will require the operator to report the top of cement (TOC) depth in feet for the surface casing and long string casing to Box No. 15. Including this information on the paper and soon to be available online filing Form H-5 will save staff time and resources when reviewing these forms. 

Also, several minor revisions to the Form H-5 instructions are also proposed.

  • Clarifying that all tests must be filed, including failed tests (see Instruction No. 2).
  • Informing that electronic forms may be filed through the RRC Online System and removing the requirement to file paper forms in duplicate (see Instruction No. 3).
  • Adding the word “analog” to clarify what type of pressure recorder is acceptable (see Instruction No. 4[a]).

Public comments will be accepted through February 18, 2020.