CNG Certification and Company Licensing

The Railroad Commission of Texas enforces both state law and Commission regulations governing the safe transportation, storage, distribution and use of alternative fuels, which includes liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) (commonly referred to as propane); compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG). Individuals and companies are required to obtain certification and licenses to perform activities related to alternative fuels. The information below clarifies the requirements for obtaining a certification or company license.

Effective September 1, 2015, military service members, veterans and military spouses seeking to obtain certification and company licensing can receive a military fee exemption and will not be required to pay to take examinations for exempt registrations or obtain a new license. To apply for the military fee exemption, an applicant must complete and submit to the Commission an Application for Military Fee ExemptionCNG Form 1035LNG Form 2035 and LPG Form 35. The application should be submitted prior to registration for examinations and submission of applications for company licensing. The military fee exemption does not apply to renewal fees for examinations, exempt registrations or licenses. The requirements for CNG Military exemptions are in section 13.76 of the Regulations for Compressed Natural Gas.


  • Certification from the Railroad Commission of Texas is required for individuals working in alternative fuels industries. An individual must take and pass an examination to receive certification.
  • Certification is required for the activities an individual will perform with alternative fuels. For example a person driving a transport must be certified as a transport driver; this person would not be qualified to drive the unit if their certification was for service and installation.
  • The certification is allocated to the individual passing the examination and will remain with that individual as long as the certification is renewed annually, regardless of which company employs the individual.
  • Once an individual passes the certification examination or renews certification, they will receive a blue wallet card listing active certifications, along with continuing education deadlines, if applicable, and the certification expiration date.
  • All certifications expire on May 31st each year and require renewal for the certification to remain active.
  • Most certifications require a training course the first year and a continuing education course every four years thereafter. For those certifications continuing education requirements must be met in order to renew the certification.
  • An individual cannot perform regulated activities related to alternative fuels if they do not have an active certification and are employed by a licensed company.


A license from the Railroad Commission of Texas is required for a company, including sole proprietors and individual contractors, working in alternative fuels industries.

  • A company must have an active license in order to install, service, sale, manufacture, test, repair, transport and store alternative fuels.
  • A company must be licensed for one or more categories determined by the activities the company as a whole will perform with alternative fuels. If any location or employee will be performing a regulated activity the company’s license must cover that activity.
  • A company must have at least one company representative that has an active management-level certification for the category of license the company is applying for or currently holds.
  • A company must submit proof of proper insurance that meets the requirements for their categories of license.
  • A license is valid for one year and must be renewed annually to remain active. A license expires the last day of the month one year from the date it was activated. Even if a license is renewed late the expiration date stays the same.
  • When a license is issued it is printed on a certificate with the company information, categories of license, license number and expiration date.
  • A licensed company must employ individuals with certifications to perform regulated alternative fuel activities.
  • A company, including individual contractors, must have an active license in order to operate a bobtail or transport unit in Texas and the unit must be registered under the operating company’s license.