Special Map Products Available for Purchase

The following maps were created for Railroad Commission use and are currently available for purchase.

Contact the Well Mapping Section at 512-463-6851 or mapping@rrc.texas.gov to place an order.  

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  • Map Name: Special Map Name, ex. OGM0026
  • Standard well location maps based on USGS 7.5’ quadrangle map format. 
    Available scales, 1”=2,000’ or 1”=1,200’. 
    Indicate desired quad(s) by quad name or quad number.

Please do not submit any credit card information at this time. You will be contacted by phone by a representative from the Commission's Central Records section with the total cost of your order and for credit card information if applicable. After your payment is received, your order will be processed and delivered.


No. Title Date Layout Price Product Description


Oil and Gas Division District Boundaries
Oil & Gas Boundaries Map thumbnail

January 2018



Oil and Gas Division district boundaries, district offices, and Texas counties. Districts in various colors. Color inkjet plot.


Current and Historical Producing Oil and Gas Wells and Other Permitted Well Locations

current and historical wells map 0145

January 2021 36"x36" $23.00

Current and historical producing oil (green) and gas (red) wells. The other (blue) wells include new locations, dry holes, injection, disposal, service, water supply and geothermal wells. County and RRC district boundaries.

OGM0148 Texas Pipelines
Texas Pipelines Map
January 2021 36"x36" $23.00

Natural gas pipelines (red), crude oil pipelines (green), hazardous pipelines (blue), Railroad Commission Pipeline Safety Division regions and county boundaries. Color inkjet plot.

OGM0149 Wells Permitted and Completed
July 2021 19"x19" $11.00

Active permit (blue) and Producing Gas (red) and Oil (green) wells in the Eagle Ford Shale Play area.  Railroad Commission districts and County boundaries.

OGM0150 Newark, East (Barnett Shale)

July 2021



Active permit (blue) and Producing Gas (red) and Oil (green) wells in the Newark, East (Barnett Shale) field, major cities, Railroad Commission districts and County boundaries.

OGM0151 Top 20 Producing Oil & Gas Fields
OGM0151 Top 20 Producing Oil and Gas Fields

August 2021



Top 20 producing oil and gas fields. Approximate field outlines depicted by shaded polygons.  Oil and gas division district boundaries and county boundaries.