2011-2015 Well Control Problems

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District Date Operator Lease/Facility Name Lease/ID API# Drill Permit Well # Field Name County Fire H2S Industry (Injury) Industry (Death) Remarks
01 12/15/15 Eagle Ford Oil Co., Inc.  D.G. Tiller  150807 055-34922     Salt Flat (Edwards) Caldwell N Y 0 0 Corrosion on a capp on the well caused the blowout. 
8A 12/07/15 Tabula Rasa Energy, LLC  Seminole, East (San Andres)  60717       Seminole, East (San Andres) Unit Gaines N Y 0 0 CR 107 closed and 25 homes evacuated. Workover rig on location and CO2 release. 
04 12/03/15 Remora Operating, LLC  Exxon State  274742 131-36942   1 Loma Novia, NE. (Wilcox)  Duval  N N 0 0 Closed US-59. Producing well started blowing out. 
8A 12/03/15 Occidental Permian Ltd.  Igoe-Smith Operator Area  05947 079-30345   83 Slaughter  Cochran N N 0 0 Well began to be uncontrolled and let off CO2. Well died down and leak has been fixed 
08 10/20/15 Kinder Morgan Production Co LLC  Goldsmith-Landreth/San Andres/UT 17491 135-30186   301 W Goldsmith Ector N N 0 0 CO2 pocket released while BOP was being installed. 
08 09/30/15 Anadarko E&P Offshore, LLC  Sievers Unit 2-29    389-34945 808620 1H Phantom (Wolfcamp) Reeves N Y 0 0 During drilling operations gas was encountered. They let the well die down. It happened two more times on the last time a crack formed in the ground surface and began leaking sour gas. 
08 09/30/15 Brigham Resources Operating, LLC  Black Stone    371-39240 791989 2H Hoefs T-K (Wolfcamp) Pecos N N 0 0 During frac stimulation intermediate casing ruptured and possibly the surface casing.
3 09/12/15 RIO O&G LLC  Simms, E.F.  19740 291-02918   2 Liberty, South  Liberty  N N 0 0 Leaking well in sporting center parking lot in Liberty, TX 
01 09/02/15 Oilfield Cleantech Water Rec. LLC  Keystone Ranch -A- 05204 163-31545   3A Pearsall (Austin Chalk) Frio N N 0 0 Well leaking through pinhole. Caused a gas cloud. They were able to kill the well. 
02 05/19/15 ENCANA OIL & GAS (USA) INC Dromgoole B Unit   255-34351 800481 8H Eagleville (Eagle Ford - 2) Karnes N N 0 0 Well control issue occurred when running in the hole to tubing. Small trailer park nearby was evacuated 
05 04/11/15 Vantage Fort Worth Energy, LLC  LABC South (SA)   439-36981 785117 8H Newark Tarrant N N 0 0 Well developed a leak below the master valve during fracing operations of the first stage of frac. 
8A 04/07/15 Occidental Permian LTD Denver Unit 18910 165-33459   6751WC Wasson Gaines N Y 0 0 Well had a valve break and blow off. Leaking sour CO2
02 03/11/15 Marathon Oil EF, LLC  Oxford-White Unit    255-32760 10311 1H Eagleville (Eagle Ford -2) Karnes N N 0 0 Blowout while conducting fracing. 
06 03/28/15 Triple M. Saltwater Disposal , LP  Petro-Wax LLC 08628 183-89876   1 East Texas Gregg N N 0 0  When pulling tubing and packer got stuck. The well began to flow while working packer, blowing oil out into vacuum truck.
08 03/02/15 Cimarex Energy Co. Sawtooth 55-6 (wolfcamp)   389-34046 774660 1H Phantom (Wolfcamp) Reeves N N 0 0 Gasket started leaking when they were about to stimulate for fracture. 
8A 01/06/14 XTO Energy Inc. Cornell Unit   501-36527 800727 130 Wasson  Yoakum  N N 0 0 Blowout occurred during the drilling of the surface hole. 
08 12/16/14 Panther Exploration, LLC  Wile E. Coyote State 40   389-34360 788670 1H Phantom (Wolfcamp) Reeves  N N 0 0 During the flowback and after the frac stimulation the well blewout. 
08 12/15/14 Jagged Peak Energy, LLC Eiland 8-33   389-34388 790202 1H Phantom (Wolfcamp) Reeves N N 0 0 Blowout of oil and frac water when operator drilled out of the fracture stimulation. BOP would not close 
8A 12/04/14 Juno Operating Company II, LLC Clark Wood Ranch   107-31946 794185 K170 Hoople (clear fork) Crosby  N N 0 0 Jetted too much fluid out fo the pit and the wellhead cracked. 
08 12/10/14 Bringham Resources Operating, LLC Neal Lethco 16   371-39280 799378   Hoefs T-K (Wolfcamp) Pecos N N 0 0 Drilling surface hole and encountered heavy water flow from the Capitan Reef.
03 12/11/14 Comstock Oil & Gas, LP Kovar 'A'    051-33831 792615 1H Giddings  Burleson  N N 0 0 Evacuated homes in area and blocked off FM 1361. Gas was leaking from wellhead due to an open production casing valve just below ground level in the cellar. 
04 11/29/14 AWP Operating Company  Marchbanks    131-39489 789442 4 Tesoro Field Duval N N 0 0 Pulling out pipe and well took a surge. 
08 11/10/14 Shell Western E&P Monroe 1-6 WRD   475-36718 783527 3H Phantom (Wolfcamp) Ward N N 0 0 While on the fourth stage of fracking the 7" casing parted approx. 10' below the frac tree and brought the tree and 7" casing out of the hole, where it landed next to the well. 
08 10/29/14 Centennial Resource Prod., LLC Sieber Trust    389-34354 788330 3H Wolfbone (Trend Area) Reeves N N 0 0 While fracking communication developed between the 5-1/2" production and 7" intermediate casing. The wellhead seal failed and began leaking
03 10/27/14 EOG Resources, Inc.  Wales, Josey   471-30372 787626 1H Fort Trinidad, East (Buda) Walker N N 0 0 Well control issues during workover operations
01 08/28/14 Dewbre Petroleum Corp Lawson-Ramsey 267310 17534146   1 Cabeza Creek (1600) Zavala  N N 0 0 During plugging and pulling joints the well began to blow dry gas. 
01 08/30/14 EOG Resources Guadalupe Unit 15916 17732620   4H Eagleville (Eagle Ford -1) Gonzales N N 0 0 Fluid started spilling out of the well when BOP did not shut properly. 
01 07/18/14 CHESAPEAKE OPERATING  Peeler MCM H    31136102 787517 3H Eagleville (Eagle Ford -1) McMullen N N 0 0 Well began flowing brackish water. Killed well with mud. 
03 06/27/14 Benchmark Oil & Gas Company Sunt Oil Company, Etal.  03232 361-30063   13 Orange Orange N N 0 0 Four families were evacuated from their homes. The well was blowing dry gas. 
08 06/26/14 Kinder Morgan Production Co LLC Goldsmith-Landreth/San Andres/UT 17491 135-06193   249W Goldsmith Ector N Y 0 0 Injection well started releasing gas at the wellhead. Well was killed with mud. 
8A 06/26/14 Occidental Permian LTD.  Anton-Irish Clearfork Unit 00304 189-30333   454 Anton-Irish Lamb N N 0 0 After crew has rigged up they installed a BOP. When they came back in the morning the rubbers on the BOP had failed. They killed the well with mud. 
04 06/04/14 Chesnut Oil & Gas, Inc.  Smith, Ora L.  112864 409-31773   8 Midway (miocene) field San Patricio N N 0 0 During State Funded Plugging operations well began flowing. 
7C 05/30/14 FIML Natural Resources, LLC Pecan A  17854 235-35545   1944C Spraberry (Trend Area) Irion N N 1 0 Pulling tubing and BOP was closed. Removed BOP and the well began to blow. 
02 05/27/14 Devon Energy Prod. Kickendahl Unit 1 10625 123-32901   4H Eagleville (Eagle Ford - 2) De Witt N N 0 0 One family was evacuated from their home. Loss of surface casing integrity caused uncontrolled pressure in the cellar and release of a mix of crude oil and natural gas and produced water. 
03 05/19/14 EOG Resources, Inc.  Josey Wales   471303371 780245 1H Wildcat Walker N N 0 0 Well began blowing rocks and gas during cementing job. Halliburton is the cement contractor
04 05/14/14 SM Energy Company Briscoe G GU5 State (SA)   479-42679 788997 62H Brisco Ranch (Eagleford) Webb N N 0 0 During hydraulic fracturing on the 19th of 25 stages fluid was observed flowing from the cellar at a rate of approx. 10-12 bbl per min. 
7C 05/13/14 J.M. Cox Res.  Benendem/Spraberry Unit  05204 461-80750   3105 Spraberry (Trend Area) Upton Y N 0 0 Well took a kick while pulling out of the holw. Gas reached the diesel engine and caused a runaway. 
08 05/07/14 Anadarko E&P Onshore LLC Wiggo 34-177 41553 475-35698   1H Phantom (Wolfcamp) Ward N N 0 0 Loss of well control during workover. 
02 04/29/14 Penn Virgina Oil & Gas, L.P. Welhausen A     771385 2H Eagleville (Eagle Ford -2) Lavaca N Y 2 0 Workover rig and snubbing unit on location to clean out well prior to production test, high pressure from well caused failure of some sealing element causing temporary release of gas. Event caused injurt to two rig hands that work for Nabors. One was life-flighted out and the other transported by ambulance. Well was shut in and is currently under control. Max. est. H2S less than 15ppm.
03 04/09/14 Enervest Resources Co. Danklefs 211969&211970     1C & 1T Nada, W. (Frio 4400) Colorado N N 0 0 Well began blowing salt water and after rigging up, it killed the well and released the Baker Model-R packer - pullin six strands. The rams had been changed in the BOP when Mercer Well Service arrived on location, but the rams were mismatched, 1-3/8 on one side and 2-7/8 on the other. They attempted to set the packer, unseccessfully, and attempted to intall the wraparound, which prevented them from being able to drop the string to close the blinds. 
7B 03/20/14 Peba Oil & Gas, Inc.  Katmandu     780866 2 Palo Pinto Co. Reg. (Gas) Palo Pinto N N 0 0 The well is venting dry gas to the pit.
08 03/17/14 Cimarex Energy Co. Madison 2-11     774656 1H Phantom (Wolfcamp) Reeves Y Y 0 0 Rig was circulating fluid and through DV tool at 1665' ti start cementing the second stage of their surface casing when they took a bump of H2S and the well began flowing behind the surface casing. 
02 01/14/14 Cologne Production Company Christian Schaar "B" 110779       Cologne (2350) Victoria N N 0 0 The well came in while they were coming in out of the packer. Well was leaking and blowing water after BOPs were shut in. 
8A 11/03/13 Saga Petroleum LLC of Colorado Southwest Garza Unit     761331 326 Garza Garza N N 0 0 A gassy water kick was encountered on a recently spudded well at approximately 2300'. The blowout preventor was shut around the drill pipe in order to control the well. While attempting to kill the well, the fluid began to breakout at the surface approximatley 100' feet from the well, outside the surface casing. Ther breakout areas were immediately bermed to contain the fluid. 
03 10/27/13 SEM Operating Company Eastham State Prison Farm Lease     771261 503 Ft. Trinidad (Glen Rose, Upper) Houston N N 0 0 While coming out of the hole to do a wiper trip, the well came in on them and was flowing water up to the crown on the mast of the rig and is spraying the location with 5800 mg/l chloride water. 
01 10/13/13 EOG Resources, inc.  Dreyer Unit     754890 14H Eagleville (Eagle Ford -1) Gonzales N Y 0 0 Flowing back the well and a flange on a 2" outlet flowline on the well busted and realeased 200bbls of crude oil. 
02 10/06/13 Mission River Systems, Inc.  Franklin - Vance Unit 149069     1 Texana, North (Frio 6900) Jackson N N 0 0 The needle valve on top of the tree was cut out. 
8A 09/24/13 Occidental Permian LTD.  Denver Unit 18910     6519WC Wasson Gaines N N 0 0 Well failed an H-5 (MIT TEST) and workover rig had been moved over well to repair it when it began to release presssure below. 
08 09/18/13 Jetta Operating Company, Inc. Worsham 6-14 42264     1H Two Georges (Bone Spring) Reeves N Y 0 0 Well started blowing while fracturing an offset well. 
03 09/17/13 Prime Operating Company Moneywort 215683     1 Boswell Creek (Frio 3100) Walker N N 0 0 Well began to flow back through tubing during P&A procedures. Well is located in National Forest. 
8A 09/13/13 King Operating Corporation Emma 76 unit     748852 1H Garden City, S. (Wolfcamp) Scurry N N 0 0 Prior to running a pump an electrical sumbersible pump on the tubbing at well no. 1H, a pump out plug was set above the perfs. at 6100'.
08 09/10/13 Apache Corporation E.D. Brooks 2     759248 16 Spraberry (Trend Area) Glasscock N N 0 0 Pressure built up while the well was shut down and the rubber packing around the tubbing blew out. 
02 08/28/13 EOG Resources Willis Unit      762110 2H Eagleville (Eagle Ford -2) Lavaca Y Y 0 0 Home 1500' away from well was evacuated. Brief loss during the cement job but they had returns when they bumped the plug. Waited 41/2 hours the well was stable and the personnel started to remove the BOP to set the slips. The well showed no sign of problems until the BOP were unbolted. The well started flowing and the crew tried to stab the BOPS back on but the flow got to strong and teh crew evacuated the location.
09 08/25/13 Brigadier Operating, LLC Haslsell Ranch     765921 B8 KRS (Marble Falls) Jack N N 0 0 After tripping out of the hole and laying down all 4 1/2" drill pipe and 4-6 1/4" drill collars of a total of 12, the well started to flow. 
04 08/07/13 Lewis Petro Properties, Inc.  Gates 10-DR TR2     749435 87H Brisco Ranch (Eagleford) Webb Y Y 0 0 Well began to flow after the cementing of the production casing. Crew was in the process of rigging down the BOP when the well began to flow. 
08 07/26/13 Endeavor Energy Resources L.P. State "6"     725013 1 Wolfbone (Trend Area) Reeves N Y 3 0 Workover crew was cleaning out sand and foam from a recently completed well when the bolts on the stripper hear attached to the BOP failed. The workers were peppered with sand and rocks. They were all taken to area hospitals.
05 07/25/13 O'Benco Bonner     754066 1H Cheneyboro (Cotton Valley) Navarro N Y 0 0 During a fracture treatment the casing parted. 
8A 06/24/13 Juno Operating Company II, LLC Clark Wood Ranch 69994     1053 Hoople (clear fork) Crosby  N N 0 0 Recently drilled well started blowing air and water. 
01 06/13/13 Eagle Ford Oil Co., Inc.  Kirk 35H 12956     1 Pearsall (Austin Chalk) La Salle N N 0 0 Well was brought under control and area will be remediated. Cause unknown. 
03 06/06/13 Zachry Exploration, LLC  Tulane Gordon Unit 203729     1C Chesterville Colorado N N 0 0 Well blewout after flowing gas and sand up the casing. Wild Well Control was sent to the site. 
02 05/20/13 Marathon  Mccoy Unit 09994       Eagleville (Eagle Ford -2) Live Oak N Y 0 0 Well control issue while killing the well to put in tubing. Packing gland at wellhead failed. 
7B 05/03/13 Tarpon Oil & Gas Co. BOA     759345 1 Mineral Wells (Strawn, Lower) Palo Pinto N N 0 0 Well took a kick at the formation
09 04/19/13 Eagleridge Operating, LLC Smith-Yorlum     752567 7H Newark, East (Barnett Shale) Denton N N 0 0 One nearby house evacuated. Drilling out frac plugs when well released an unexpected amount of produced gas. 
08 04/10/13 Petrohawk Operating Company Horseshoe Springs State 113-16     757869 1V Phantom (Wolfcamp) Culberson Y N 0 0 Sick line deviation survey was being run when the gas blew out. 
08 04/05/13 Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Davis 34-169 B unit     743818 1H Phantom (Wolfcamp) Ward N N 3 1 During the instalation of a subpump, the well had been killed and the donut lifted when the well blewout. 
03 03/27/13 Anadarko E&P Onshore LLC Black Ston 255958     2 Brookeland (Austin Chalk, 8800) Martin N N 0 0 Nearby residents have been evacuated. During swabbing activities well came in. 
10 02/28/13 Le Norman Operating LLC  Ruth 87     751239 2H Hemphill (Granite Wash) Hemphill N N 1 0 Production casing parted during fracking. Wild well is on location. 
02 02/22/13 Rodessa Operating Fenner 229604     1 Grumpy (Frio) Jackson N N 0 0 Closed FM 530 from HWY 59 to site (about 10 miles)Well kicked when pulling out tubing. 
08 02/13/13 Occidental Permian LTD. Denver Unit 18910     4704WC Wasson Yoakum N N 0 0 Closed 400' of CR37o for an hour. Injection well started flowing oil and water outstide of the casing. 
08 02/12/13 XTO Energy, Inc.  Brown-Altman -B- 26010     30 WSW Emperor, East (Clear Fork, LO) Winkler N Y 0 0 Well started flowing when trying to remove downhole ESP equiment and tubing out to the water supply well. 
08 02/11/13 Trilogy Operating, Inc. Holt Ranch     751647 6 Spraberry (Trend Area) Martin N N 0 0 While fracture stimulating the well the frac head busted. 
08 01/11/13 Cimarex Energy Co. Big Silver      749632 4H Phantom (Wolfcamp) Ward N N 0 0 Valve was accidentally lefy open below groundlevel in the cellar. 
04 12/13/12 Webb County Unlimited Resources, LLC Ortiz     749256 1 Dejay (Queen City, UP.) Field Duval N N 0 0 Valve failure caused well to flow. 
08 11/05/12 Kinder Morgan Production Co. LLC Sacroc Unit 03137     118-01 Kelly-Snyder Scurry N Y 0 0 During plugging operations well started blowing out through the tubing when the tubing was approximately 10 ft. in the air. 
03 08/25/12 Sue-Ann Operating , L.C. Middlebrook lease 23109     1 Needville Fort Bend Y N 0 0 Well blew out and caught fire. 
02 08/20/12 Maxmin Resources, LLC Reissig, E.W. Sawyer 074562       Speaks, N. (3232 SD) Field Lavaca N N 0 0 Well came in after they made a wireline run. They did not us lubricator and had no way to divert or control the well. 
05/06 07/25/12 Western Chief Operating, L.L.C. James Worley     733530 1 Wildcat Houston N N 0 0 Lost control while fracing the well. 
10 07/06/12 Lareda Petroleum, Inc.  Elm Creek Ranch 34     735044 5H Begert Hemphill Y N 0 0 Well blew out and caused fire. Well plugged. 
03 06/19/12 GEL Petroleum, Inc.  Rycade      2978 18 Markham Matagorda N N 0 0 Workover rig was pulling rods out when well blew out. 
08 05/31/12 EXL Petroleum, LP Totsy      732961 201 Wolfbone (Trend Area) Reeves Y 0 0 After setting surface casing they hit a loss circulation zone and had been fighting an uncontrolled flow. 
08 03/22/12 Occidental Permian, Ltd. Holt, O.B. /S/ 00798     4a Cowden, North Ector N Y 0 0 Well was leaking through split in the tubing just above the stuffing box. Pumping in brine water to kill the well. 
09 03/17/12 EC Stryker, Inc. Epperson     724868 1 JMG MAG (Miss) Jack N N 0 0 Well received a kick when crew was pulling out a bottom hole.
06 03/07/12 MJ Energy, LLC  Chumley V     731220 1 Mooringsport (Lime) Shelby Y N 0 0 Well blew out and caused fire. Operator pumped in mud to kill the well. Moving rig to bring in new one and is going to try to complete the well. 
8A 11/07/11 Occidental Permian, LTD Wasson ODC Unit     60000 228 Wasson Yoakum N Y 0 0 Well was leaking outside of wellhead.
01 10/23/11 Slawson Exploration Company, Inc. Polizer     711503 1 Polzer Milam Y N 1 0 Blowout occurred while tripping drill string and new bit in hole.
08 10/07/11 Endeavor Energy Resources L.P. M&M "5"      716972 1 J.L.M. (Mississippian) Martin N N 0 0 Intersection of Hwy 137 and State Hwy 176 was blocked to traffic from the West. To the East State Hwy 176/FM 3033 was blocked to traffic. The well began to flow during workover. 
7C 10/03/11 Telesis Operating Co., Inc CJM -7-     712826 4   Schleicher N N 0 0 After perforating at 3850' and pulling out of the hole with the perforating gun to almost the surface the well blew out. 
08 09/22/11 Eagle Oil & gas Co.  Monroe 39     719061 2H Wolfbone (Trend Area) Reeves N Y 0 0 Casing parted during frac job, which caused the wellhead to separate from the well. 
03 07/14/11 KD Energy, LLC Matl Lease 235068       Wildcat Matagorda N N 0 0 Production tubing sanded up and blew out covering A 2 acre area. 
03 07/09/11 Milagro Exploration, LLC H.C. Cockburn lease     716641 172 Magnet Withers Wharton N N 0 0 Running in hole with surface casing and well started to flow and unload all mud. 
7C 06/27/11 Endeavor Energy Resources L.P. Ricker Rupert     717481 1 Spraberry (Trend Area) Reagan N N 0 0 Casing had just been completed and BOP was removed to istall wellhead when well started to kick and blew out from the side. 
08 06/08/11 Occidental Permian, LTD Wasson ODC Unit 60000     380 Wassson Yoakum N N 0 0 Loss of well control during workover. 
06 06/04/11 NFR Energy, LLC Foote GU  260612     1 H Carthage (Haynesville Shale) Panola N N 0 0 Casing ruptured during fracture stimulation operations. 
08 05/26/11 William, Clayton Energy, Inc. CWEI_CHK 197-13     713389 1 Wolfbone Trend Area Reeves Y N 0 0 While making a connection the well took a kick. 
03 04/18/11 Kaiser Francis Oil Co. Kubala 180765     1 Jones Creek (Deep Wilcox) Wharton N N 0 0 Well was recently fraced and during flow back/ clean up a leak developed on a Weco connection. 
03 04/15/11 Jetta Operating Co. T.R. Booth     708647 41 Thompson Fort Bend N N 0 0 Hit a gas pocket during drilling and well started blowing gas and mud. Plan is to plug well once all the gas is out of the hole. 
03 04/01/13 Choice Exploration, Inc.  Village Creek      699228 1 Wildcat Hardin Y N 0 0 Blowout with fire. 
08 03/16/11 Devon Energy Production Co., L.P. Drakester 209     707967 1H Phantom (Wolfcamp) Ward N N 0 0 While tripping in the hole the well started unloading through the drill pipe. 
03 03/01/11 K.O.C. CORPORATION Baker, Carrie 2793     9 Lochridge Brazoria N N 0 0 Well built pressure and started blowing. 
08 02/16/11 Occidental Permian LTD. North Cowden Unit 20164     796 Cowden, North Ector N N 0 0 Leaking flowline was shut in due to a leak and well started spraying. Killed well with mud.
08 02/14/11 Occidental Permian LTD. North Cowden Unit 20164     269 Cowden, North Ector N N 0 0 Leaking flowline was shut in for some time due to a leak and well pressured up and blew out. Intially it was just a spray of oil and then all CO2 gas. Killed well with mud.
03 02/14/11 Murphy Energy Services, L.P. Elise Fee NCT      704707 2 Saratoga, West Hardin Y N 0 0 Drilling out cement plug when well came in. 
08 01/20/11 Endeavor Energy Resources L.P. Lewellen     708322 2 Brasher (Atoka) Midland N N 0 0  While drilling well an air pocket ant the well belw out Yates gas and across CR1150. Highway and CR 1150 closed for a few hours. 
08 01/12/11 Occidental Permian LTD North Cowden Unit 20164     198 Cowden, North Ector N Y 0 0 Tubing parted beneath the ground level.