Notices to Operators

The information contained herein is provided as a historical reference. The contact information for Railroad Commission of Texas employees referenced in these informational pages may no longer be applicable. To determine the current point of contact, consult the  Contacts by Oil & Gas Activity or call 512-463-7328.

02/2019 Notice to Oil and Gas Operators: Minimizing Lighting Impacts from Oil and Gas Activities


09/2018 Notice to Operators: Tropical Disturbance

08/2018 Notice to Operators: Notice of Intention to Plug or Abandon Online Filing Now Available

06/2018 Notice to Operators: Requirement to File Well Logs Electronically


12/2017 Notice to Operators: Reassignment of RRC District 8A from the Midland District Office to the Abilene District Office

12/2017 Notice to Operators: Top of Cement Calculation for Compliance

08/2017 Notice to Operators: Tropical Depression Harvey

08/2017 Notice to Oil and Gas Operators: North Central Texas Area Groundwater Protection Determination

03/2017 Notice to Oil and Gas Operators: Digital Well Log System Available Online

02/2017 Notice to Oil and Gas Gatherers and Purchasers: Elimination and Reduction of Mailings

01/2017 Notice to Operators:  Amendments to Statewide Rule 15: Surface Equipment Removal Requirements for Inactive Wells

01/2017 Notice to Operators:  Amendments to Statewide Rule 28:Potential Deliverability of Gas Wells to be Ascertained and Revisions to Form G-10 - Gas Status Report

04/2016 Notice to Operators: Beneficial Recycling of Treated Domestic Wastewater and Mobile Drinking Water Treatment System Wastewater at Drill Sites

03/2016 Notice to Operators: Horizontal Drilling and Unconventional Fracture Treated Fields

02/2016 Notice to Operators: Minimizing Lighting Impacts From Oil and Gas Activities

02/2016 Notice to Operators: Groundwater Protection Determination Application Fee and Surcharge


03/2015 Notice to Operators: Statewide Rule 13 Exceptions: Online Filing Now Available and Exception Fee Required

03/2015 Notice to Operators: Groundwater Protection Determination Request Form Can Now Be Filed Online

02/2015 Notice to Operators: Online P-4 Filing

02/2015 Notice to Operators: Rule 13 Exceptions: Online Filing System and Implementation of Exception Fee

12/2014 Notice to Operators: Chapter 4, Subchapter B, Permitting Required to Operate a Commercial Mud Recycling Facility

02/2014 Notice to Operators: Proper Management of Human Waste on Location

06/2014 Notice to Operators: Use of diesel fuel in hydraulic fracture stimulation activities requires UIC permit

03/2014 Notice to Operators: Fees and Surcharges - Latest version of the schedule with corrections for the disposal well application fee with no surcharge

02/2014 Notice of the permitting process for venting/flaring of casinghead gas and gas well gas pursuant to 16 TAC §3.32 (Statewide Rule 32)



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