Thanksgiving Holidays Closure

In observance of the Thanksgiving holidays, the Railroad Commission of Texas will closed Wednesday, November 27, and will reopen for business Monday, December 2, 2019

RRC Launches New Well Status Report Query


The Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) has launched a new Online Research Query that allows users to access any Form G-10, Gas Well Status Report, or Form W-10, Oil Well Status Report, filed electronically with the agency from September 1, 2013 to present day. The Well Status Report Query represents over 1 million records in PDF format that can be searched, downloaded and printed.

Users have query options when conducting research using the Well Status Report Query.

  •          Individual Well Status Reports - displays results by individual wells as “Approved” or “Rejected/Failed”.
  •          Report Summary Status - displays results by report filing as “Pending”, “Processed”, “Rejected” or “Deleted”.

A Well Status Report advises the RRC of the production capability of the well and is used to calculate the oil-gas/gas-oil ratio of the well. It is also used to update the status of a well, including when a well is shut-in.

The Well Status Report Query is available via the Online Research Queries on the RRC website at

To view a video about this new online research query, visit the RRC’s YouTube Channel at

If you have questions about the query, contact the RRC at