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A. Filing Procedures
1. Commission Authorization Required
2. General Requirements
3. Forms
4. Approved Electronic Media
5. Format
6. Time and Place of Filing
7. Late Filing
8. Statewide Rule 1: Operators to Keep Records

B. Authorization Procedures
1. Eligibility
2. Required Authorization Paperwork
a. Master Electronic Filing Certification
b. Contacts to be Identified
c. Where to Send the MEFC and Contact List
3. Preliminary Test Required
4. Authorization

 A. Filing Procedures

1. Commission Authorization Required

Authorization to file reports using electronic media
must be obtained before the Commission will accept
reports filed electronically. See Authorization 
Procedures starting on page II-5 for a detailed
description on the approval process.

2. General Requirements

An operator who submits reports must comply with the
laws of the State of Texas and all rules,regulations,
and orders of the Railroad Commission of Texas which
govern the filing of hard-copy reports. In particular,
the Commission's Statewide Rules for oil, gas, and
geothermal resource operations apply equally to
automated data.

Electronic filings must be submitted in a manner
compatible with the Commission's software, equipment,
and facilities. The Commission reserves the right, in
its sole discretion, to reject any electronic filing
deemed incompatible with its software, equipment, or

The individual filing the reports electronically must 
comply with any reasonable request for information from
the operator or its authorized agent deemed necessary by 
the Commission, in its sole discretion, in order to
maintain the integrity of its filing system.

3. Forms

A list of forms eligible for electronic filing are
provided in the section describing the authorized
Electronic Media starting on page III-1 for more details.

Filing reports electronically is optional. Therefore, 
an operator who is approved for electronic filing may
submit any required Commission reports in hard-copy
form rather than through electronic filing.

4. Approved Electronic Media

Approved electronic media and technical aspects of each
can be found in the Electronic Media starting on page

5. Format

Forms filed electronically must follow the formats as
described in this manual.

6. Time and Place of Filing

The place of performance for any approved electronic
filing is Austin, Travis County, Texas. Under Commission
rules all forms have established filing deadlines. The
Commission must receive forms filed electronically earlier
than the filing deadline. If the information is not 
received in the Austin office by the filing date, the 
reports are considered delinquent, and the assignment of 
allowables may be delayed. In the event the electronic 
media is lost or damaged en route to the Commission, the 
operator must provide a replacement.

7. Late Filing

An operator who is unable to submit the required reports
by the filing date should notify the Assistant Director
of Production Allocation in Austin at (512)463-6837; or,
if unable to submit H-10 reports by the filing deadline,
notify the supervisor of Records Control, Underground 
Injection Control Section, in Austin at (512)463-6820. 
Forms filed electronically which repeatedly arrive late or
in an unacceptable format, will only delay proper reporting
of production and assignment of allowables. 

8. Statewide Rule 1: Operators to Keep Records

In accordance with the Commission's Statewide Rule 1, all
operators, producers, refiners, and transporters are 
required to keep copies of records, forms, and documents
submitted to the Commission for a period of three years,
or longer if required by another Commission rule, from 
the filing date.

Statewide Rules 9, 46, and 74 require that all monitoring
records (Form H-10) shall be retained by the operator for
at least five years.

This requirement applies to automated data, and operators
must be able to reproduce these records should the need 
arise for the Commission or its representatives to inspect

B. Authorization Procedures

1. Eligibility

As a result of limited staff and computer resources to
process electronic media filings, the Commission, at
times, may have to require that a minimum or a maximum
number of records, depending on the electronic medium
used, be sent on each operator's electronic submission.

2. Required Authorization Paperwork

To receive authorization to file one or more forms 
electronically (see Preliminary Test Required below), an
operator must properly fill out and mail to the Commission
at least one Master Electronic Filing Certification(MEFC) 
and Contact Worksheet. The MEFC is used to satisfy 
signature requirements for the form or forms that an 
operator wishes to file electronically. The Contact 
Worksheet is used by the Commission to inform or send the
operator EDI related information. This information may be
used to contact the operator to work out any problems or
questions the Commission may have with an electronic 
filing and to send status reports to the operator about 
information filed electronically. The operator will not 
be notified by the Commission when the MEFC and Contact 
Worksheet is received. If the operator is planning on 
filing through the Efile System, the operator's EFile 
account will be upgraded to allow for test uploads within 
seven business days. If the operator is planning on filing
by magnetic cartridge tape or diskette, the Commission 
recommends that the operator include the MEFC and Contact
Worksheet with the first test filing.

a. Master Electronic Filing Certification

The operator (if a sole proprietorship) or authorized
representative of the operator must complete a Master
Electronic Filing Certification (MEFC) with an original
signature. A blank MEFC form is included with this
manual and may be copied freely.

By signing the MEFC, the operator or authorized agent 
understands, agrees, and certifies, under the penalties
described in Section 91.143, Texas Natural Resources
Code, that he or she is authorized to make this
certification, that all reports filed pursuant to this
certification shall be prepared in the regular course 
of business for the operator, and that all information
filed shall be true, correct, and complete to the best
of his or her knowledge.

If no active MEFC is on file for the operator at the 
Commission, a signed MEFC must be submitted along with
or prior to any preliminary test filings.

The MEFC will be effective indefinitely, subject to
compliance with its terms and the requirements of
electronic filing.

If the authorized agent signing the MEFC on behalf of 
the operator leaves the employment of the operator or 
becomes no longer authorized to sign reports, the 
operator must submit a new MEFC with a letter  
 describing the change and designating a new authorized
agent prior to the Commission's acceptance of any 
additional electronically filed report from the 

An operator approved for electronic filing may cancel 
its MEFC, removing its authorization to file 
electronically, at any time by notifying the Commission
in writing.

All requirements for electronic filing and the MEFC
shall be governed by Texas law.

Only one MEFC is needed for the operator to file any
form electronically. The operator can have more than
one authorizing agent for electronically filed
information. The operator can also have more than one
authorizing agent for any form filed electronically.
Each new MEFC filed with the Commission is assigned an
agent number for the operator. This agent number will
be detailed in the approval letter once the operator has
been authorized to file electronically (see Preliminary
Test Required below). The maximum number of agents the
operator can have for all electronic filings is 9,999.
For more information on using multiple agents, see
Appendix A: Using Multiple Agents starting on page A-3.

b. Contacts to be Identified

An operator must provide the name and phone number 
of a central contact person for the company for each 
report that will be filed electronically. The contacts
identified are tied to the agent on the MEFC. A
worksheet for this information is provided in this 
manual and may be copied freely. No testing or 
processing of data sent to the Commission will be 
performed until a contact person for the operator 
is provided. The information below must be kept 
current. The operator must supply the following:

Name, address, and telephone number of a central
contact person for the form that will be submitted
electronically. This person will receive status
reports, error listings, etc. generated when the
form is processed. This person should be able to
route the aforementioned information sent by the
Commission to the applicable personnel in the 

Name, address, and telephone number of a data
processing representative (optional). This person
will be sent updates to this publication and other
technical information necessary for filing reports
electronically with the Commission. If a data
processing contact is not given, the information
stated above will be sent to the central contact

c. Where to Send the MEFC and Contact List

The MEFC and contact list can be mailed to the address

Railroad Commission of Texas
Information Technology Services Division
EDI Operations
P.O. Box 12967
Austin, Texas 78711-2967

3. Preliminary Test Required

Once the MEFC has been completed and contact persons
identified, the operator must submit test information
via the same electronic media that will be used to file
approved reports. This information must:

Be received in the Commission's Austin office at
least one month in advance of the scheduled date
the operator wishes to begin filing the report

Contain actual data from the operator's records.

For magnetic cartridge tape or diskette filings, the
word TEST must be on the external label along with
any other required label information. See the
Electronic Media section starting on page III-1
for more details on the external label requirements. 

4. Authorization

If the test information and the electronic media it is
filed on meets Commission specifications, the operator
will be authorized to begin filing the approved reports
electronically. This written authorization will
acknowledge that the electronic media is in order,
specify which reports the operator may file
electronically, and provide the operator with an agent
number. After the operator receives the authorization
letter, the operator can start sending actual information
for the form(s) that were approved electronically. An
operator approved for electronic filing is also
required to comply with any Commission adopted changes
to this manual that may be made in the future.