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General Information

Filing Oil and Gas Reports Using Electronic Media

       A.   Identification

        Developed For:   Operators Who File Oil and Gas Forms Using
                         Electronic Media

        By:              Information Technology Services Division and the
                         Oil and Gas Division

        System Name:     Forms Filed Using Electronic Media

        Computer:        IBM OS/390

        B.   Introduction

        Qualified  oil and gas producers, gatherers, and transporters  in
        Texas  may  submit  certain  Railroad  Commission  reports  using
        electronic media in lieu of hard copy (paper).

        This  user's manual is designed to assist qualified operators in
        the timely and correct filing of monthly reports via electronic
        media.  For more information about qualifying procedures,contact
        the Assistant Director of Production Allocation,Oil and Gas 
        Division,in the Commission's Austin office at (512)463-6837.

        For technical information about electronic media file organization,
	contact the Open Records Representative,Information Technology 
	Services Division (ITS) at(512)463-7229.