Filing Oil and Gas Reports Using Electronic Media

Table of Contents

         A.   Identification
         B.   Introduction

         A.   Filing Procedures
                1.  Commission Authorization Required
                2.  General Requirements
                3.  Forms
                4.  Approved Electronic Media
                5.  Format
                6.  Time and Place of Filing
                7.  Late Filing
                8.  Common Errors in File Organization
                9.  Pending RRC Lease Numbers or Gas Well ID Numbers
               10.  Corrected or Retroactive Reports
               11.  Statewide Rule 1: Operators to Keep Records

         B.   Authorization Procedures
                1.  Eligibility
                2.  Required Authorization Paperwork
                     a.  Master Electronic Filing Certification
                     b.  Contacts to be Identified
                     c.  Where to Send the MEFC and Contact List
                3.  Preliminary Test Required
                4.  Authorization

         A.   Cartridge Tape
                1.  Cartridge Tape
                2.  Characteristics
                3.  External Label
                4.  Minimum Number of Records
                5.  More than One Form or Company Onto One Cartridge Tape
                6.  Multiple cartridge Tape Filings
                7.  Where to Mail the Cartridge Tape
                8.  Cartridge Tape Return Policy
                9.  Cartridge Tape Forms
         B.  Diskettes
                1.  Characteristics
                2.  External Label
                3.  File Names
                4.  Number of Records Restriction
                5.  More than One Form or Company Onto One Diskette
                6.  Multiple Diskette Filings
                7.  Where to Mail the Diskette
                8.  Diskette Return Policy
                9.  Diskette Forms
         C.   Internet Efile System
                1.  Characteristics
                2.  Getting Setup
                3.  Uploading Files
                4.  Lost PASSWORD
                5.  Number of Records Restriction
                6.  More than One Form or Company in One File
                7.  Multiple Filings
                8.  Status Reports
                9.  Efile System Forms

         A.   File Description and Organization
         B.   Format Considerations
         C.   Form Procedures

         Authorizing Agent Record
               Authorizing Agent COBOL Record Layout
               Authorizing Agent Record Data Dictionary
         District Record
               District COBOL Record Layout
               District Record Data Dictionary 
         H-15 Record
               H-15 COBOL Record Layout
               H-15 Record Data Dictionary
         P-1B  Record
               P-1B COBOL Record Layout
               P-1B Report Data Dictionary
	 T-1 Page 1 Record
               T-1 Page 1 COBOL Record Layout
               T-1 Page 1 Data Dictionary
         T-1 Page 1A Record
               T-1 Page 1A COBOL Record Layout
               T-1 Page 1A Data Dictionary
         T-1 Page 1B Record
               T-1 Page 1B COBOL Record Layout
               T-1 Page 1B Data Dictionary
         T-1 Page 2 Record
               T-1 Page 2 COBOL Record Layout
               T-1 Page 2 Data Dictionary
         T-1 Page 3 Record
               T-1 Page 3 COBOL Record Layout
               T-1 Page 3 Data Dictionary
         Totals Record
               Totals COBOL Record Layout
               Totals Record Data Dictionary
         MD-1 Record
               MD-1 COBOL Record Layout
               MD-1 Record Data Dictionary

         Appendix A: Using Multiple Agents
         Appendix B: Status and Error Listings
         Appendix C: Master Electronic Filing Certification (MEFC)
         Appendix C: Contact Worksheet
         Appendix C: Notification form for changes to EDI Manual (Pub.EIA001)