Thursday, March 26, 2020 - 8:00 AM

Online Only

This 4-hour course covers proper filling and handling of ASME motor/mobile fuel containers, appurtenances, DOT cylinders, and dispenser operations.  

This course is intended for current certification holders looking to complete ON-TIME continuing education credit. Section 9.52 of the LP-Gas Safety Rules lists each course given and the certification level for which continuing education credit is given. 

NOTE: ALL student information fields must be entered to register for this class. In the Course section select: Online Continuing Education -2.1 Dispenser Operation. The Date the class is offered must also be entered.

There will NOT be exams administered at the end of the course. There is NO FEE for this class.

Number of attendees for the course is LIMITED. All individuals must be registered by noon, prior to the day of the event.



It is your responsibility as the student to make sure that your pc/mobile device is able to connect to the webinar. In the event of questions, please click

The RRC Training Center will NOT be able to help with webinar issues.