Advanced Field Training


The Advanced Field Training (AFT) component of the Railroad Commission's LP-gas training and continuing education requirements is set out in §9.52(g) of the Commission's LP-Gas Safety Rules. AFT is the "hands-on" portion of certain Railroad Commission training or continuing education courses.

Following is a summary of the AFT requirements. The applicable LP-gas safety rule is given in parentheses at the end of each paragraph below.


AFT. The final portion of the training or continuing education requirements, in which an individual shall successfully perform the specified LP-gas activities in order to demonstrate proficiency in those activities. (§9.2)

AFT material. The portion of a Commission training module consisting of the four sections of the Railroad Commission's LP-Gas Qualifying Field Activities, including General Instructions, the Task Information, the Operator Qualification Checklist, and the Railroad Commission Record/Employer Record. (§9.2)

Company representative. The individual designated to the Commission by a license applicant or a licensee as the principal individual in authority and actively supervising the conduct of the licensee's activities. (§9.2)

Operation supervisor. The individual who is certified by the Commission to actively supervise a licensee's LP-gas operations and is authorized by the licensee to implement operational changes.. (§9.2)

Current courses that include AFT

Only courses 2.1, Dispenser Operations; 2.3, Bobtail Operations; 3.2, Residential System Installation; 3.3, Appliance Conversion, Installation and Venting, and 3.8, Recreational Vehicle Gas Appliances, have AFT requirements.

May 31 deadline

Training and continuing education requirements must be completed by May 31 of the year they are due. Individuals who pass an rules examination for a covered category of certification between March 1 and May 31 of any year have until May 31 of the next year to complete any required training. (§9.52).

Category D, K, and M applicants must complete the appropriate 8-hour class and pass the management-level exam prior to becoming certified.

Completion of AFT tasks

AFT must be properly completed with 30 calendar days of attending a class that requires AFT. All qualification tasks included in the AFT must be completed. (§9.52(g))

Availability of AFT materials for inspection

All pertinent AFT materials, including the qualification checklist and the certification page, must be readily available at the licensee's Texas business location for review by an authorized Commission representative during normal business hours. (§9.52(g))

NOTE: §9.52(g)(2) covers AFT retention and availability requirements for situations other than a certified individual employed by a licensee.

Certification of AFT

The responsibility of certifying AFT activities shall not be delegated to an unauthorized individual. AFT qualification tasks must be witnessed by an authorized individual, verified as being successfully completed, and the AFT form signed. (§9.52(g))

One company representative. If an LP-gas licensee has only one company representative, then that company representative must self-certify the AFT. (§9.52(g))

More than one company representative. If an LP-gas licensee has more than one company representative, then one company representative may certify the AFT of another company representative. (§9.52(g))

Certification of operations supervisors. Company representatives shall certify operations supervisors' AFT. (§9.52(gf))

Certification of employees' AFT. A company representative or operations supervisor authorized by the LP-gas licensee and in current good standing with the Railroad Commission shall certify an employee's AFT. (§9.52(g))

Certification by outside trainer. If authorized, a Railroad Commission-approved outside trainer may certify any AFT. (§9.52(g))

AFT activities checklist

The AFT checklist outlining the specific activities to be performed is included in the materials for courses requiring AFT.

If the AFT checklist from the course materials has been lost or destroyed then the materials can be printed from the links below in order to comply with §9.52(g).

NOTE: Related AFT information is included in §§9.8 and 9.52(a)(3).

Training/continuing education information

The Railroad Commission's web site also has the latest LP-gas training and continuing education information, including online course registration formcourse descriptionsclass/exam schedule for the next three months, and directions to training locations.  Questions on AFT requirements may be e-mailed to training-exams.