Digital Map Data Sample

NOTE: These files are archived and need to be unzipped.

Aransas County Map Sample (JPEG image, 328K)

Following are instructions for opening the digital map "test" files.
  1. Click on the desired test file.
  2. Choose the option to Save the file to disk and click OK  (Do not select the option to Open the file.)
  3. The "File Name" should end with ".tar.gz".  If it does not, rename the file extension and save the file at your appropriate file location.
  4. Open File Manager to unzip; save unzipped files.
  5. Ready to use with the appropriate GIS software.

Shape (.SHP)
Aransas County
All Data Categories
Aransas County
(roads, water & political boundaries)
Aransas County
Aransas County
Aransas County
Aransas County API Data File
Well Symbols Font File and ArcView Legend File

User Manuals available online (includes data format and dictionary):

    • "Digital Map Information", publication OGA094
    • "API Well Data File", publication OGA096

Note: The digital data was generated from the Geographic Information System of the Railroad Commission of Texas. Base map information was obtained directly from U.S. Geological Survey 7.5 minute quadrangle maps. Patent Survey lines from Texas General Land Office maps were interpreted as accurately as possible over the U.S. Geological Survey base. Oil and gas well data or pipeline data (if included) was obtained from public records at the Railroad Commission. The information provided by this system is being continually updated and refined. The data is intended solely for the internal use of the Railroad Commission, which makes no claim as to its accuracy or completeness.

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